Waste plant on budget and due to open in June

By Chris Cornford Apr 25, 2021

The new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Forest Road in Newport is due to open in June, more than two years late, but it will not cost the council more than originally budgeted.

The new plant is now ‘mechanically completed’ and in the final stages of commissioning, which a council spokesman described as ‘progressing well’. He said: “The council, in partnership with Amey, has been operating the Isle of Wight Waste Recovery Plant in Newport for more than two years which has helped the Isle of Wight significantly increase the amount of waste it recycles.
“Since 2018, the Island’s waste and recycling has been processed and separated into different material streams at the plant, such as metals, paper, card, glass and plastics, using state of the art technology. This technology not only sorts out the recycling from the green bins, but also is used to extract as much recyclable materials from general waste as possible, helping the council and Amey surpass its target of recycling more than 55% of all household waste.

“The ERF will help the council and Amey continue to meet its target of diverting 90% of landfill from waste and generate renewable electricity for up to 5000 homes.
“The total capital investments for the two key waste treatment facilities at Forest Park (Mechanical Treatment Plant and the ERF) was contracted as a fixed cost to the council of £59,968,535, which includes the upgrade of the two household waste recycling centres.
“To date the council has paid £56,639,354 against independently certified milestones.

“The final activity of commissioning the ERF will be completed this summer with a final cost to the council of £59,968,535.”
The new ERF facility was originally set to open in May 2019, but was beset by delays.