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From the dashboard you can place bookings directly. You can also download and print booking forms for your customers.

Submit a death notice

How much does it cost?

A single notice to appear in the paper will cost £30 (+VAT) for nine lines of text, with additional lines charged at a cost of £4 per line. A photo is included free of charge but is optional so you don't have to include one if you don't want to.

What information is required?

  • Surname and forename(s) of the deceased - this information appears first, in block capitals, at the top of your notice
  • Maiden name and nickname, if applicable - this will appear underneath the name, in brackets
  • Your message, which can be as big as it needs to be

When will the notice appear?

The final step is to choose the date for your notice to be published. Aim for enough time in advance of the funeral for people to make arrangements to attend - usually around a week to ten days is best. Your notice will be published in the IW Observer on the date(s) specified.