Unique business lost to Covid-19

By Chris Cornford Oct 29, 2020

A tuk tuk business, set up at the end of last year, has closed down because of the Coronavirus.

Scout Gregory launched the Isle of Wight Tuk Tuk Company which was available for tours, taxis, weddings and events. Despite a successful start and a busy July and August, Scout was forced to pull the handbrake on his business .

Scout, from Chale, admitted: “I was hoping to get through after the summer but as soon as the holidays were over and the schools went back, everything stopped. People have also stopped going to pubs, so there just isn’t the trade. On top of that, my weddings and other bookings were all being cancelled.

“It’s just not feasible to keep it going. Even if I folded until the spring when, hopefully, things would be better, I couldn’t afford the insurance and somewhere to store it. Sadly, I will have to get rid of it now.

“When I set the business up, I had plans for it to expand and grow, with a fleet of Tuk Tuk’s operating across the Island, but unfortunately due to the pandemic these plans have now been scuppered.

“Unlike many other businesses, frustratingly, we have not qualified for any government support. Quite how businesses like mine are simply allowed to fall through the cracks is beyond me. I have gone all year without taking a salary but it simply isn’t enough.

“I’ll have to think about my future, but I may decide to go to the mainland and do something completely different. However, I will have many happy memories of the last few months; it’s been a lot a fun.”

By Mal Butler