This week’s IW bowls round-up

Ventnor and Totland in Division Three

In Division One, Ventnor A won 10-0 (69-33) at home to Bembridge A, with Shanklin A beating Ventnor A 8-2 (84-48), and Bembridge A winning 8-2 (64-53) at home to Totland A.

In Division Two, Sandown B won 10-0 (67-42.75) away at Camp Hill A, Sandown C won 10-0 (65-47) visiting Cowes Medina C, Shanklin D won 6-4 (69-55) at Ventnor B, and Plessey C won 10-0 (69-40) at Ryde Marina B.

In Division Three, Ventnor C won 8-2 (75-42) at home to Totland B, with Sandown E winning 10-0 (63-44) entertaining Shanklin E.