IW Car Club announces a closed road IW Rally

pic: IW Car Club

The IW Car Club has announced a closed road IW Rally, on Sunday, November 3, sponsored by Weaver Brothers, and involving 60 participants.

Initial stages of consultation have been completed, a Motorsport UK permit has been issued, and the Motor Race Order application has been submitted to the Isle Of Wight Council.

Arrangements include a dedicated spectator viewing area, at The Cow Shed in Havenstreet, with a shuttle bus running to spectator parking at the Isle Of Wight Steam Railway at the other end of the village. There will be excellent viewing of an exciting junction, as well as panoramic views along Firestone Copse Road and Rowlands Lane from the steep hill opposite.

Firestone Copse will be accessible on foot via the footpath from near the White Hart Inn in Havenstreet, and via Newnham Lane for more intrepid rally fans. It is not recommended to try and view along Rowlands Lane, as the adjacent land is private and the hedges are tall. More details are available via iw.observer/iw-car-club.