Tesla test drives

By IW Observer.co.uk Feb 19, 2022

On Wednesday the Island’s first test-drive event for the Tesla Model 3 was hosted by Vehicle Consulting Solent, based in Gurnard.

Pre-booked test-drive slots gave enthusiastic drivers the chance to put the latest Tesla model through its paces, and the opportunity to have a good look at another demonstration vehicle, parked outside the company’s office.

Along with cake and refreshments, there was an opportunity to quiz Paul and Nancy Thorley, the husband and wife team behind Vehicle Consulting Solent, about the hi-tech vehicle. With cameras on both sides, as well as at the front and rear of the car, with their output viewed on a large screen on the console, and the ability to use streaming services such as Netflix, the all-electric Model 3 is at the vanguard of evolving electric car technology.

Those who took part in a test drive, learnt about the car’s advanced safety features and its ability to travel up to 374 miles on a single charge, which can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. There is also no need to get the car serviced until three years after purchase.

Paul explained that electric cars are the vehicles of the future and, with recent increases in fuel prices, making the switch sooner could save a lot of money in the long run.

Paul and Nancy have a wealth of experience in the motor trade and vehicle financing and are always happy to share their knowledge. You can contact them on 632652.