Is £1million peanuts or a good deal?

By IW Feb 21, 2022
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Dear Editor,

There seems to be a slight difference of opinion between the IW Council, who have expressed disappointment at only being awarded £1million from government, and MP, Bob Seely, who views the funding as a great personal achievement, saying, “The Island is, at long last, being recognised by the Government.” So what are the facts?

On February 7, the government announced that councils in England will have access to a share of £54.1 billion in funding for the coming financial year. That sum, given the present UK population of 68,457,793 equates to £790 per person.

The Isle of Wight’s award of £1million, when divided into the Island population of 141,538, represents a derisory £7.06 per person. Or, viewed another way, £782.94 less for every Islander than their fair share of the £54.1 billion announced by government. A total Island revenue shortfall of £110.8 million.

But sadly, it is worse than this. The paltry sum of £1million pales into insignificance if you take into account the reduction in council support our MP voted for in parliament. Perhaps it is little wonder the council’s CEO has announced he’s off to pastures new in Cumbria.

Mr Seely said during the last general election, “Judge me by my results.” Believe me, Mr Seely, I shall be! And I very much hope fellow Islanders will be doing the same.

N Butcher, Freshwater