Reception children enjoy magical event

By IW Feb 21, 2022

Reception children at a Cowes primary school were treated to a magical workshop involving members of the Island’s Wonderfell Theatre Company.

The pupils at Lanesend were taken on an exciting adventure where the children used their imaginations to be a part of the story.

Office manager, Charli Reading, explained: “They explored all the things that make them feel good and showed their feelings through drama and learning a special song. The children even got to stir the ’emotions potion’!

“It was a magical workshop which enabled our children to explore their emotions and feelings through wonder, thought and the immersive magic of theatre.”

Wonderfell Theatre Company creates and delivers innovative workshops and theatre to awaken all senses and creatively engage curious, young minds. They work with teachers, parents and pupils alike, to reimagine the delivery of the primary curriculum as an exciting and empowering journey for learning.