Wootton “flasher” revisits old haunts

A “flasher” who was reported to be active in the Wootton area, appears to have been up to his old tricks around Wootton recreation ground.

Three months ago, the police launched an investigation and put in place extra patrols after several reports of a teenager performing indecent acts in Wootton.

The offences were reported in the woods, along Footways, Wootton Bridge and on the recreation ground near the football pitch that is used by a lot of dog walkers. The police believed the same man responsible for all these acts.

The latest report relates to an incident on Sunday, December 30, at Wootton Recreation Ground. Staff at nearby Lakeside have also reported that the man was in the grounds in the 9th December a woman guest reported the matter to staff despite search efforts by staff no one was found.

The police previously urged people not to take the law into their own hands in relation to the “flasher” and urged the public to contact them with any information that may help identify the suspect.

The suspect thought to have been responsible for the indecent acts in September, 2018, is said to be white with a tanned complexion, dark hair and of a slim build, wearing jeans and a hoodie.