Wildheart Trust helps schools to help wildlife

By IW Galleries Mar 16, 2020

The Wildheart Trust, operating out of the Isle of Wight Zoo, have launched a fantastic community project on the isle of wight.

They are helping local schools to convert unused areas of their grounds to wildflower meadows, absolutely free. This is part of a wide campaign to re-wild our urban environments, providing key habitats for invertebrates and wildlife havens in and amongst our towns. The team is visiting 6 schools, delivering a lesson on habitats and habitat destruction, followed by a practical where the students get to plant out their own meadow.

Lessons are tailored to the appropriate key stages and help deliver the message that we need to start helping save our environment and everyone can do their bit.
In addition, the Isle of wight Zoo is converting 1500m2 of zoo grounds to wildflower meadow, incorporating apiary, scrubland, flowers, willow walks and orchard trees. This area, complete with a cob building with living roof will be open to the public this Summer.

There are:
6 island schools on board
100m2 land at schools converted from barren ground to wildflower meadow.
1500m2 of land in the zoo converted to wildflower meadow