Warriors promoters to supply masks to NHS staff and many others

The Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors speedway club will have free reusable face masks available shortly and these will be distributed on a priority basis to the following:

* NHS staff of any capacity
* Care industry staff of any capacity
* Key workers
* Fans that are in high risk category
* Anyone else

They can be washed at 60deg centigrade, but what the masks do not do is replace the advice of the Government and the WHO. However, it has been suggested wearing a mask does help prevent the wearer transmitting the virus if they have it and also offers some barrier against the virus too.

The Warriors will make no financial gain at all from this initiative as the promoters cover the cost, happy in the knowledge that they will have done a little bit more to support both the NHS and individuals at the most strange of times.

Anyone interested in obtaining a mask is asked to contact Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop via Facebook or email speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk Any donations given towards the cost of production will be passed to Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising campaign.