St Mary’s junction

By Chris Cornford Nov 3, 2020

U-turns allowed at new junction

Cowes councillor, Lora Peacey-Wilcox, has received more calls and emails about the new St Mary’s traffic light system than any other subject this year.

She said the most common question asked was how should people return to Cowes when leaving the hospital following the removal of St Mary’s roundabout. The answer she received from Island Roads and provided to residents is: “We were very aware of the need to provide ‘U’ turning options for traffic emerging from the hospital and heading to Cowes during the design of the signalised solution.

“Generally, ‘U’ turns are banned at multi-lane traffic signal control junctions as they either conflict with the left turn from the side road or operation of a pedestrian crossing. However the Forest Road signals have been specifically

designed to allow for ‘U’ turns which can be undertaken at the same time as right turns to Forest Road with no conflicting movements.

“Any reports of no ‘U’ turn signs appearing at that junction are simply wrong. If drivers miss that and get as far as the main junction they will be signed to ‘U’ turn using the B&Q roundabout. ‘U’ turns will be banned at the Hunnyhill / Dodnor Lane junction.

“Of course most traffic (certainly staff and ambulances) leaves the hospital to the rear and emerge via Dodnor Lane in any event.”said
Cllr. Peacey-Wilcox added that many people were blaming Island Roads for the situation but the engineers who came up with the scheme are the ones that should be challenged.