Santa on his way to Freshwater Lifeboat

The Freshwater Independent Lifeboat will be throwing open the boathouse doors again on the Saturday, December 7, and welcoming Santa between midday and 3.30pm.

With generous support from Co-op Funeral Services, Medina Food Services, The Entertainer Toy shop and Poundland FILB will be able to give the visiting children a free gift each
Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten the adults, as there will be free drinks and a mince pie for them as well.

If you feeling lucky, they will be selling tickets for the Grand Prize Draw until the end of the day. The prizes are valued up to £1,300, which would certainly help make anyone’s Christmas something special.

Santa said: “I’m really looking forward to meeting all the children and parents. Don’t forget, Leira the Icelandic snow pony will be coming along as well to say hello.”