‘People power prevailed’: Nettlestone Parish Council opposes development

Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council voted 8–0 (with one abstention) to retract the words “in its current form” to their opposition to development on Gibb Well Field, off Seaview Lane, opposite Nettlestone Primary School.

The parish council now opposes all development on the field, irrespective of the form of such development. Without local support, building on the field is unlikely to go ahead.

Around thirty local residents attended the meeting on Monday (September 17), and all appeared united in their opposition to building on the beauty spot.

No-one spoke in favour of further development in the village.

The proposed site is located to east of Nettlestone Hill (pictured) and west of Seaview Lane

One resident strongly opposed to building on Gibb Well field, Philip Redpath, said: “The developers knew that unless they had the support of the parish council, the proposal would be dead in the water. The council recognised its errors and resigned themselves to the wishes of the residents. People power prevailed.”

Another resident, David West, said: “I’ve never spoken to anyone in Nettlestone village for the development. It’s not needed. We definitely don’t want the proposed three-storey care home stuck in the middle of our rural village.”