Hundreds of new trees for Sandown

Sandown Green Town Volunteers celebrated National Tree Week by planting over 200 trees in the hedgerows around Sandown. This event, organised by the Tree Council, takes place annually, at the start of the winter tree planting season.

The trees were donated by The Woodland Trust and included bird, bee and bug friendly native species: dogwood, dog rose, silver birch, hazel, crab apple, blackthorn, elder, rowan and hawthorn.

The trees were used to fill in the gaps in the hedge going in Sandown at Yaverland as well as a new green gateway on Morton Road.

Ben Holbrook, Deputy Chair of SGTVs said: “It was hard work, often in rain-soaked or weed filled ground, but will enhance Sandown, increasing biodiversity and create and improve habitat for wildlife.

“The trees will help support insects, birds, small mammals and reptiles. We had a dozen volunteers working at one time, and despite the mud they commented what fun the planting up had been, we look forward to seeing the saplings growing and making food, shelter and much need homes for our wildlife for years to come.

“Thanks to the Woodland Trust for the free trees and to the team at Arc Consulting for their continued support.”

SGTVs usually have an open meeting on the second Wednesday of the month, at 6.30pm at the Broadway Centre. To learn more about their activities check out their facebook page, or e-mail: