Falcon Cross fracas fuels families fears

By Chris Cornford Jun 6, 2021

Local residents have contacted the IW Observer with fears about ongoing anti-social behaviour at Shanklin’s Falcon Cross public toilets.

The award winning amenity has seen a fire and damage to doors and internal facilities in the past 18 months, and concerned neighbours have reported incidents where contractors have been confronted by aggressive and threatening behaviour by individuals that have used the toilets.

Local town councillor, Denyse Larner, said: “The town council has invested in the provision of library, toilets and town office at Falcon Cross, and this type of anti-social behaviour is becoming more frequent. Action needs to be taken to reassure families and visitors to the town, as well as residents and those that work and live in the area.”
A nearby resident said, of an incident on Sunday (May 30): “The noise was alarming and I was worried for the contractors who were only doing their job. They were faced with a torrent of abuse and threatening behaviour; we were about to call 999 because of the aggressive behaviour of two people who appeared to be drunk.”

Denyse said action needed to be taken, adding: “I and others have raised concern about public drinking in local bus shelters, and in benches across the town. This is intimidating to vulnerable people and youngsters, and we have asked for actions to be prioritised.”

A spokesman for the police said: “We encourage anyone who is affected by anti-social behaviour and associated criminality in their area to report this to police, so we can review the circumstances and support the local community.”