Don’t lose your right to vote

The IW Council is currently carrying out an annual check of the electoral register. A form is being sent to every household on the Island, to check that the people registered to vote at that address are correct.

Every household is required to respond, even if someone in the property has only recently registered to vote. The updated information will ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote and has registered will be able to vote in any forthcoming elections or referendums.

Householders should respond to the enquiry form by August 19. Residents also have the option of completing the form online, via

The Full Register can be used by credit reference agencies to help verify identities. A person not registered at the address they give on a loan application, may be refused credit, or find it more difficult to obtain.

Residents who have not received an enquiry form by early August should contact the Electoral Services Office at the Isle of Wight Council via or telephone on (01983) 823380.