Could your home be a film star?

By IW Galleries Mar 15, 2020

Could your home be the star in a film, TV show or advert? Even if you’re camera-shy your home could be just what a film crew are looking for, and if they choose your property fees can range from £100 a day to £1,000 an hour, depending on what they are looking for.

Dadina Sagger from Island People has set up IOW Locations and is urging people to sign up properties of all sorts to show film companies that the Island has the wide range of properties needed to bring productions on the Island.

Dadina regularly has film companies contact her to discuss possible locations and wants to bring employment and work to the Island instead of other locations in the UK. She said: “Please register your home, cafe, garage, school, tennis courts, boatyard, offices, lock-ups, salon, shop, stables, pubs and so on. Think of what you watch on TV and you will realise the huge range of locations needed. As well as getting paid for film crews using your house, if productions are based here it can encourage tourism as well. Nothing is too small, they might need your front door that’s on a corner near the shops or pub, or a flat above a shop.”

Registering your property is free, quick and easy at or email with any questions.