Bembridge Primary learns about trolls

By IW Mar 10, 2022

Before February half-term, a Year 4 class from Bembridge CE Primary took part in a ‘Lurking Trolls’ scheme as part of their personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) and computing curriculum.

During the project, the students took part in many different lessons covering on-line bullying, self image, mental health, fake news, brain-washing and anxiety. Each of the topics were centred around a book the pupils read called ‘Beware of the Lurking Troll’; they learned about on-line trolls and actions they can take to prevent trolls making them feel bad.

The children got to meet Tormentor, Jamie Collings, year 4 teacher and PE co-ordinator, who dressed up as a troll from the book with a costume provided by the Learning and Development Resource at Thompson House.

Jamie said: “The internet is a great place and a brilliant source of information. As the children get older, it is likely that they will be using the internet more frequently, so it is vital that they are aware of the dangers of things such as on-line trolls so that they can safely enjoy using the internet and going on-line.”