Bembridge Parish Council clerk resigns after ‘no confidence’ vote

Bembridge Parish Council’s clerk has resigned following a parish council meeting on Tuesday night (September 18).

Emma Goldring told the meeting she was stepping down from her post in the middle of proceedings.

Parishioners called a meeting of their own on September 5 and passed an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the clerk and seven other councillors.

The meeting and vote followed a long running saga in which villagers and the parish council have disagreed over the sale of the council-owned 5/7 High Street.

One villager previously described the enduring debate as Bembridge’s “own private Brexit”.

The vote of no confidence on September 5

Madeleine Reeder, a local resident, said after the meeting: “My only thoughts are that she has possibly got some integrity and taken note of the parish meeting’s vote of no confidence in herself and the majority of the council.

“Of course any suggestions are speculation at this point. It will be interesting to see if she’s back in her desk in a while.

“No one was allowed to speak about the parish meeting. As the agenda said, ‘to take note of the minutes from parish meeting’.

“The chairman, Councillor Keith Fagan said, ‘we have taken note’.

“Even Sir Paul Kenny couldn’t get his point across. Democracy I think not.”

Bembridge Parish Council has been contacted for comment.