Charity restaurant startup receives generous donation

Two old friends have put their heads together to help make an ethical restaurant dream become a reality.

Trevor Blaney and Mick Jones have known each other for over 20 years and have been able to work together in an effort to bring a new restaurant, Waste Not Want Not, to Newport’s High Street.

Waste Not Want Not will be a charity restaurant that doesn’t feel like a charity at all.

With a ground floor dining space, featuring upcycled furniture and fine cuisine – all made with food approaching its sell by date – donated free from supermarkets.

Mr Jones, is the Worshipful Master of the Vectensian Freemason’s Lodge in Ryde, he’s helped to raise £2850 for the new charity venture.

Trev and Mick with the cheque for £2850 in front of Trev’s Observer Food Monthly award and future menu board

He said: “About two and a half years ago I met up with Trev at the Isle of Wight Festival. He was telling me about what he’s up to now with The Pop Up Soup Kitchen, and I was taken aback by it. It was lovely, I thought that’s really something I’d like to help with.

“I knew I was going to become chair of Vectensian Lodge and I’d have the opportunity to raise some money for a charity – and I chose this!

“I brought my charity steward, myself and Trevor we all met for a meeting to understand which direction Trev wanted to go in, what it was going to do and how it would help people.

“And the more we heard about the charity, the more we were engaged.”

Mr Blaney said: “Me and Mick had a big hug when he came in [to Waste Not Want Not] because we go back along way. And I said come and have a look at what you’ve made possible, and it really was quite emotional because this goes back two and a half years. He’s actually made this possible.”

The restaurant plans to open in a few weeks time and will also feature cookery classes for children, advice services and very affordable but delicious frozen ready meals.