Ability Dogs need new puppy parents

By IW Observer.co.uk Feb 28, 2022

Ability Dogs for Young People is an Island charity needing help to raise 12 Puppies in 2022.

The charity trains, supplies, and supports ability dogs for young people with mental and physical disabilities and they are looking for new puppy parents so that they can help more young people with disabilities.

Puppy parenting gives you the joy of unconditional love and loyal companionship without the tie of a lifetime of ownership. The puppies can start living with puppy parents at eight weeks old, but they have puppies of all different ages.

Puppy parenting costs only your time, love and affection; there are no financial implications as all the monetary costs are covered. Caring for a puppy is a great way to get more active, stay fit and see the beautiful Island. Gaining dog handling and care skills is another benefit and qualified trainers offer individual and group training sessions across the Island.

It is never easy to say goodbye, but puppy parents get to say farewell when the dog is full of life and vitality rather than when their dog is old or poorly and can choose to have a break after each dog or jump straight in with the next.

The dogs are life changing for the young recipients. Dougal helps with speech and language therapy, Shadow can sense changes in blood sugar levels, Pickle helps with physical tasks like dressing and picking things up and Jack is an Autism Ability Dog providing a calming focus and constant friendship.

The charity currently has 35 working dogs, 14 puppies and two young dogs in advanced training, but to keep up with demand they need to take on 12 more puppies this year.

Do you love dogs? Do you work part-time, from home or are retired? Do you want a dog but can’t commit to dog ownership? Do you want to gain dog care/handling experience? Have you recently lost a dog and miss their companionship? Do you want to get more involved in the Island community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then being a puppy parent could be the perfect role for you. If you want to know more or would like to meet the dogs and other puppy parents you can call 216246 or email info@abilitydogs4yp.org.uk.