Zoom talk about four new dinosaur species

By IW Observer.co.uk Feb 27, 2022

Last year was a particularly spectacular one for Isle of Wight dinosaurs, with four new species being described.

There were two types of spinosaurid, fish-eating dinosaurs, Ceratosuchops inferodios (‘Hell’s Heron’) and Riparovenator milnerae, named after Angela Milner, a world-renowned palaeontologist who worked at the Natural History Museum, who sadly died last year. Also appearing was Vectiraptor greeni, a small but undoubtedly ferocious, feathered dinosaur, named after Island collector, Mick Green, who originally found the material. And lastly, Brighstoneus simmondsi, a new iguanodontian dinosaur named after Brighstone.

To celebrate the finds, there will be an evening of talks on Zoom. Dr Neil Gostling, lecturer in Evolution and Palaeobiology at the University of Southampton, will talk about the new spinosaurids, Professor David Martill, palaeobiologist at the University of Portsmouth will look at the raptors of the Isle of Wight, and Dr Jeremy Lockwood will explain the importance of the new iguanodontian find on the Island.

If you would like a link to the event, please email jlockwood156@aol.com; it will take place Friday, March 4 and expect to start at 7pm and finish at 9pm.