A sign of the times

By Press Release Jul 25, 2021

Craft bar, Boojum&Snark, in Sandown has a freshly hand-painted sign, and it’s the work of craftsman Terry Ryan of Wighteagle signs.

When Terry was 14, his school careers advisor asked him what he wanted to do as a job. He replied either a monumental stonemason or signwriter. When he was offered a job in a factory he took matters into his own hands and found a signwriting apprenticeship at Plymouth Dockyards. He said: “My first commission was for a commemorative cross for a beloved dog called Honey and my largest sign was for a battleship.

“There’s a lot of craft that goes into signwriting, from painstaking preparation to intricate lettering, working with specialist paints, even gold leaf. Each result is totally bespoke.”

The new signs at Boojum&Snark and Serenity’s, which Terry also painted, add a distinctive flair to the high street. Let’s hope they are signs of good times to come.