A LOOK BACK IN TIME: A couple of gems

By IW Observer.co.uk May 15, 2022

This week we have unearthed a couple of gems that made us smile from the Isle of Wight Observer of Saturday, May 15, 1869.

It seems that the author of the advertisement for beer and tea sold at the Atlantic, believed that the residents of Ryde would be influenced by flattery. And at least one resident in the Freshwater area was prepared and ready to meet his maker!


Tune: “Yankee Doodle.”

Is not Ryde a matchless Town,
On a little matchless Isle,
With many little matchless attractions, O?
It has got a matchless Mayor
And a matchless Corporation,
Elected by a matchless Population, O!

But the matchless that suits everybody who has tasted it is that PUBLISHED in BARRELS by J. J. Young, Esq., of Landport, and sold ONLY at the ATLANTIC, High Street, for fourpence per quart.
Observer! THE BEST TEA in the world for 2s. 2d. per pound.


MAKING PREPARATIONS. – An eccentric old man, living in the parish of Freshwater, has made his own coffin, preparatory to his death. The shell is deposited in his bedchamber till the time shall come when it please the Almighty to call him to occupy it. We are informed that the quaint old gentleman often reflects, after viewing his future tenement, on the words of the Second Book of Samuel, xix., 34, “How long have I to live?”