Vandalism in Ventnor

By Mal Butler Jul 31, 2023

Ventnor has suffered a spate of vandalism this year, costing nearly £4,000 plus labour costs to local taxpayers.

The council has been billed for more than 60 hours of labour costs, so far, and facilities have been out of action for seven days.

The vandalism has included replacement of 14 cassette toilet roll holders, replacement of more than 20 lighting fixtures, more than 10 toilet seat repairs and vehicle and bike damage to Ventnor Park lawns. Areas affected include further damage to the water fountain at Spring Hill Gardens, the new block to toilets at the central car park, The Esplanade sea-front toilets including excrement smeared across the walls, broken glass placed in the paddling pool, damage to Ventnor Park toilets, broken glass on the beach and graffiti and tree and plant damage to Ventnor town and green spaces.

Frustrated business development officer and the health and safety officer, Nigel Slater-Bishop, said: “As a council, we have a duty to keep our assets in a good state of repair for our town’s residents and also visitors alike. This year we have been facing an uphill battle against the constant and reckless vandalism throughout the town.

“This not only impacts the services provided by Ventnor Town Council, but eats into valuable resources, not only financially but also many hours of labour for our workforce. It causes the closures of some areas and facilities for periods of time whilst the staff team undertakes repairs to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors.

“Moreover, it is clearly not a good advert for the town. Ventnor is a special place with an unrivalled community spirit and a vast history of being a unique place to live and visit. The level of vandalism and anti-social behaviour currently is becoming unbearable and therefore increasingly a problem throughout the town.”

He has also appealed for ideas to try and cut back on the vandalism, adding: “Give us your ideas, thoughts on how we can try and stop this damage being done to our town; we have CCTV installed at the new toilets in the central car park, do we need more at other sites in the town? Dispersal orders? Alcohol-free zones? School visits? What else can we do? Let us know; you can contact me directly here at the council at any time, either by email or phone.

“In the mean time, please report any evidence of vandalism or anti-social behaviour to me here at the council, but please also to report it on the 101 Police on-line system.

“Do not engage with anyone who is committing these acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour, as this may put yourself at risk, but please be responsible and report it.”

You can ring 101 to make a report to the police or contact Ventnor Town Council on 857856, or email