Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

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Table Tennis finals attract 50 players

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Paul Lewis

The IW Table Tennis Association finals were held last week attracting a crowd of around 50 players. Family and friends were treated to a great night of table tennis, with a large number of finals contested.

Four of the finals went to five sets, with the evening culminating in a spectacular Men’s Championship clash between Scott Lawson, who was unbeaten all season, and young warrior, Hugh Idle. Both players showed streaks of impressive attacking play throughout the match, with Idle just proving the stronger.

Younger players were well represented in the finals by Lewis Johnstone, Ryan Cates and Joe Millward, as well as Idle, boding well for the future of table tennis on the Island.

The most successful player was Pat Thorley, who won the over-70s Championship, the Ladies’ Championship and the Mixed Doubles, partnered by Men’s Champion, Hugh Idle.


Doubles Handicap – Derek Pittard and Tom Flood
Super Vets Handicap – Tim Giles
Brian Warne Handicap – Lee Orton and Joe Millward
Gordon Burns Handicap – Danny Burns
Hard Bat Singles – Alex Rorke
Hard Bat Doubles – Mike Turner and Maggie Preston
Over-40s Championship – Mike Turner
Over-60s Championship – Tim Giles
Over-70s Championship – Pat Thorley
Cadets Championship – Lewis Johnstone
Junior Championship – Lewis Johnstone
Third Division Championship – Paul Lewis
Second Division Championship – Graham Evans
Mixed Doubles – Hugh Idle and Pat Thorley
Ladies’ Doubles – Maggie Preston and Marlene Irving
Men’s Doubles – Scott Lawson and Lee Orton
Ladies’ Championship – Pat Thorley
Men’s Championship – Hugh Idle