Sweet treats for brave firefighters

By Chris Cornford Mar 22, 2021

Island fire-fighters will each receive a special Easter treat, thanks to donations raised by the Isle of Wight Mums.

The fire-fighters will all be given an Easter Egg from the Facebook group, which is run by Cowes duo Kate Holland and her sister-in-law Carolyn, and has around 1,700 members.
It’s not the first time the Mums have thought of frontline workers. In February, they made sure hospital and hospice staff received a packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. And at Christmas they raised funds to distribute food and presents to women and children in refuge.

Kate said: “We wanted to do something special for Easter, so we took a vote and the original winners were the Island teachers. But it just wouldn’t have been realistic to get that many eggs and distribute them to all the schools in such a short space of time. So we then decided on the fire-fighters who do such a great job.

“We are currently collecting about 185 eggs through donations from the public, as well as supermarkets and shops. We have egg drop-off points at all the Co-op stores across the Island, who are also supporting us by donating eggs themselves, as well as the Ryde Spar shop.

“It will be easy to drop in the eggs to the manned fire stations at Ryde and Newport but we are liaising with the fire-fighter hierarchy to organise when to visit the unmanned stations and leave them their treats.
“It’s just our way of saying thank you to them for keeping us safe.
“In the meantime, we will have another think about the teachers. We might be able to do something for them before the summer as the lockdown rules are lifted.”