Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

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SPOTLIGHT ON SCHOOLS: Innovative use of technology at Dover Park Primary School

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Children at Dover Park Primary School have been using virtual reality (VR) headsets to help them re-engage with their learning following the pandemic. Ensuring children are engaged, motivated to learn, and challenged throughout their primary school career is a key priority for teachers and schools – now more than ever.

School managers took the decision to enhance daily learning with the amazing VR headsets. They bring the curriculum to life, using virtual and augmented reality experiences, from visiting far-flung corners of the world, travelling back in time, going into space or holding a human heart in their hands.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, our world has got smaller. The headsets allow pupils to experience a wide and wonderful world from the safety of their own classroom. The school is also using technology to offer an inclusive school experience to all children even if they are unable to be in school.

The school has recently trialled the use of an AV1 robot for a pupil who was unable to come to school following hospitalisation and brain surgery. In collaboration with the Isle of Wight Council’s Education and Inclusion Team, who funded the pilot, the school used this clever little robot to provide both academic and social inclusion for the pupil.

Dexter, a Year 5 pupil, was able to log in and attend assemblies, be part of lessons and even chat to his friends at playtime, all courtesy of the AV1. Even though he was unable to attend school in person, he was included fully in the life of the school until he was able to return.

Dover Park Primary School also uses a range of assisted technology tools to enable pupils, some with special educational or medical needs, to access learning and communicate more effectively in order to improve outcomes.

Staff at Dover Park Primary School believe that it is crucial to equip children with the vital digital skills they need and that creative use of technology across the curriculum is an essential learning tool to prepare youngsters for the world of work and life beyond the classroom.

Alongside this, the school delivers a regular and consistent message to all pupils and parents about the need to stay safe online, both at school and when at home.