This new book can help us to build a better future

Do you want us to live better than we do now?
Do you want to help make a better future for generations to come?
If your answer is ‘Yes’ to both questions, this new book is for you.

The author, John Blanchard, uses researchers’, entertainers’, writers’ and working people’s stories and reflections, along with some of his own, to show why this is important for our health and wellbeing. He argues that, to be effective, we need to be both humble and assertive, trusting and critical, focused and inventive. He illustrates and explains how good leaders amongst us help all of us make “humane, intelligent decisions designed to match what is feasible with what most of us agree we need and want.”

John helps us to apply what we know to check, and if possible improve, how we work together to set feasible but ambitious goals and learn by evaluating our progress. It’s a theme of the book that “When organisations deliberately foster freedom and cooperation… , everyone has a voice or representation in decisions.”

The book shows us how we can rise to meet the challenges we face locally and globally.

‘To make a better future: What must we do?’ is published by Austin Macauley and available via bookshops, WHSmith and Amazon.