December 1, 2023

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SPONSORED ARTICLE: New name reflects estate agency’s all-Island service

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Long-established Island business, Wootton Estate Agents, has changed its name to Williams Isle of Wight Estate Agents; however, nothing has changed apart from the name.

Having opened in 2006, some 17 years ago, the new name reflects the fact that they sell and rent property all over the Island from their long-established office on Wootton High Street.

Ben Williams commented: “It’s been a dilemma that we have had since we opened. We are very much part of the community in Wootton; however, we soon grew and began to sell and rent property all over the Island. It was always a cause of frustration though when clients said: ‘We thought you only sold property in the Wootton area.’

“The new name hopefully mitigates that, whilst still being proud and grateful to the community of Wootton, it gave us a leg up all those years ago.

“We also want to stress that the business still employs the same Island staff, and has the same Island owners who live in Wootton – in fact, everything is the same.”

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