Shedfest celebration is a success at Sandown Airport

The Island’s Men in Sheds celebrated ‘Shedfest’ with a celebration at Sandown Airport recently. Eight shed groups from across the Island attended the event, which also included live music, stalls and arts and crafts.

The weekend was presented by Wight Aviation Museum, and was sponsored by the Royal British Legion (RBL) and Wight Aid, with support from Community Action, Isle of Wight. Shed projects support men’s mental health, including for those may be retired and looking to fill in their time, or who are unemployed and looking to boost confidence and gain new skills. They also do work to help community projects.

Jonathan Lamb, of the Shed, based at the museum, said: “The weather was terrible, but Ability Dogs 4 Young People in the hanger next to us opened up so the festival was held inside. There was so much happening, with a small beer festival and live entertainment, as well as a War Grave exhibition.”

The event was opened by Antony Metcalfe, from RBL, and Rob Lloyd, from Men in Sheds, and attracted around 1,000 visitors.