Sculpture celebrates the Thursday night clap for carers

A sculpture celebrating the Thursday night Clap for Carers has been donated to the NHS for display during the pandemic.

Island resident Adrian Brewer from Newport wanted to create something that will last long beyond the rainbows and the memory of the applause that is held across the country every week for workers on the frontline.

Mr Brewer, who is a member of the Rotary and CEO of the local charity, Roll out the Barrel, which raises funds for the supply of water to families in developing countries, decided to put the pair of hands that he had lying around in his garage to good use.

Mr Brewer said: “I wanted to create something which will remind us all of this moment in time which will soon be forgotten. It’s important to remember what happened in 2020 and how we all came together and applauded our NHS and carers.

“As an appreciative user of the NHS over many years, in fact I was born in the year of its inauguration, I hope people visiting the hospital will enjoy looking at the sculpture and remember this time as they pass through.”

The sculpture has been mounted in one of the internal courtyard gardens on Level A of the hospital.

Darren Cattell, Deputy Chief Executive said: “Clap for Carers has united everybody across the country and has been a really uplifting way for us all to show our appreciation for everyone working on the frontline and keeping our country going.

“We are pleased to display this sculpture as a reminder of just how grateful we are to our NHS colleagues and to everyone doing their bit for us all.”

Mr Brewer has made a sculpture for Captain Tom Moore and is now looking at recreating more for other hospitals to display.