Sad farewell to Aysha, a much-loved IW Zoo tiger

Aysha photographed by IW Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo has reluctantly bid a sad farewell to one of its favourite residents.

Aysha, a much-loved tiger, has seen her health deteriorate in recent months and the zoo posted a statement saying that they had made the incredibly difficult and sad decision to say goodbye to her. The beautiful Bengal tiger passed away Wednesday evening, October 2 at the age of 21.

Charlotte Corney, founder of the The Wildheart Trust said: “I’ll never forget the day that Aysha and her twin brother Diamond arrived. She jumped up to greet me and came up to my knee. With her signature scrubbed off nose and cheery chuffs she took me captive from day one.”

The Isle of Wight Zoo said: “Aysha has lived at the Isle of Wight Zoo since she was three months old, her friendly nature and quirky ways made her a firm favourite with our visitors. Saying hello to her and getting a friendly ‘chuff’ has been a vital and very engaging part of the visit for so many.”

The Isle of Wight Zoo asks that you please pay tribute to her by helping them to continue to help others like her both in the wild and in human care. Their big cat family will now pick up her flaming baton and run with it. Aysha, their forever tiny tiger, may have left small boots to fill but she’s one big act to follow.