Polish community hold Heritage Day


The Polish community, including folk dancers, Polish war veterans and children attending the local Polish Saturday school, celebrated its first Polish Heritage Day on the Isle of Wight at the Priory School in Whippingham.

The Polish folk group, Marysienka, dressed in traditional, colourful costume, travelled from Wuppertal in Germany to attend the special celebration, to mark Polish Constitution Day of May 3. Naval officers from the museum ship, ORP Blyskawica, currently moored in Gdynia, also attended the event, as did World War II veteran, 97-year-old Otton Hulacki, who currently lives in Wootton.

Organiser, Karolina Adamski, said: “This is the first time a Polish Heritage Day has been organised on the Isle of Wight. The ORP Blyskawica Polish Saturday School will do its best to represent the Island’s Polish community. We hope to continue this tradition in future years.”

The Priory School, Whippingham, will be used as a polling station for Polish citizens in the forthcoming European elections on Sunday, May 26, polling day in the Republic of Poland.