Paul to release new album after crowdfunding boost

Popular Isle of Wight singer/songwriter Paul Armfield admits he is overwhelmed by the support he has received from fans and admirers to help him produce his latest album, Domestic.

Paul plays at many Island venues as well as on the mainland, and so often seen guesting with other Island bands. He has been a regular at the Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival. He opened a crowdfunding page to help finance the new album, and within five weeks his target of £8,000 had been exceeded by more than £2,000.

In his latest newsletter, as he is holding up a ‘speechless’ sign, he pointed out: “That’s 125 per cent of the crowdfunding target, and in just five weeks it raised over £10,000 towards the manufacture and promotion of the new album.

“I thought it would be a struggle to get £1,000, but thanks to lots of encouragement and some great support and advice, I gave it a shot and proved myself wrong. I also hadn’t anticipated the flood of messages of support and encouragement, it’s been truly humbling and emboldening. Thank you, lovely people.”

Paul says he is now faced with the task of designing over a dozen new images for the album and for those who pledged for bespoke linocuts, producing over 1,000 prints by hand, as well as assembling the 1,000 CDs and 100 vinyl custom boxes. He added: “All this while in self-isolation, and lying prostrate and whingeing from time to time after putting my back out lifting heavy things!”

Domestic, the recently recorded album by Paul, is a collection of songs that pivot around the theme of ‘home’, whether it’s the four walls that surround you, the country where you were born, or more pointedly, the continent of which you are a resident. The songs were recorded in Stuttgart and will be released in September.