Parish council re-open Public Toilets at Lake Slipway

Further to extensive repairs and renovation, including commissioning a new purpose built pump, reinstatement of a broken pipe, and other essential engineering works, Lake Parish Council have re-opened the Public Toilets at Lake Slipway.

Access to the location, following cliff falls and repair work to the promenade, as well as incidents of anti-social behaviour, as well as the complexity of the engineering work, have added to the delays in re-opening, with the Parish Council mindful of the longer term vulnerability of the site.

Parish Chair Paul Brading said: “This has been a very frustrating process and we have re-opened as soon as we can, and thank all involved in making this possible, but recognise that any future damage may result in a further closure and costs to the Parish.”

Lake Parish Council are also in the process of replacing New Road Toilets, following ongoing vandalism and anti-social behaviour, having previously replaced Lake Cliff Gardens Toilets, and have allocated funding to make provision for a longer term resolution at the Slipway Toilets.

Cllr Brading concluded: “It is a very vulnerable amenity in a very vulnerable location, with cleaning access limited to the start and end of the day, and we hope all users of the facility appreciate the time and resources expended to enable re-opening in time for the summer season, and ensuring the longer-term provision of this much needed utility.”