Pan Country Park wildlife pond ‘destroyed’ by developer claims councillor

A councillor has claimed that a housing developer has “practically destroyed” a longstanding wildlife pond.

The pond in Pan Country Park was a popular destination for dog walkers but photos show it has been affected by a nearby housing development.

Councillor Geoff Brodie (Newport East) says he has been bombarded with complaints since residents went walking in the area on Saturday (November 3).

He likened developer Barratt as akin to the “Wehrmacht”, who were the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

The wildlife pond in Pan Country Park appears to have been damaged by the development – photo by Cllr Brodie

He said: “On Friday last, Barratts practically destroyed a longstanding wildlife pond in Pan Country Park as part of a drainage scheme.

“The Pan Meadows development will ultimately extend nearly as far as this pond, but the country park is supposed to provide a buffer against urban creep.”

Cllr Brodie has now taken this up with senior IW Council officers.

He continued: “It seems to me that the only consideration Barratts give is to their shareholders… In this instance it seems a bit like a marauding army devastating the countryside.”

A spokesman for Barratt Homes said: “This work is to facilitate surface water drainage for the consented development and we have been working closely with the Isle of Wight Council officers.

“Together we agreed to close off the informal path around the pond because of health and safety concerns. Signage and fencing has been installed and work involves creating a new land drain and headwall along with an overflow pipe to the existing stream.

“This area has been inspected for wildlife and a visual inspection was carried out before work started.”

Isle of Wight Council previously took to Facebook to warn residents that the park could be affected by the Barratt’s development.