Georgia’s £1,000 car damage as fuel thieves pounce

Georgia Hedley-Ward found her car had been vandalised – with repairs likely to cost £1,000 – and left in a pool of diesel in Shanklin’s Vernon Meadow Car Park. But she says police told her there was “too much CCTV footage to go through”.

Georgia found the fuel line to her Nissan Navara was cut and a hole had also been drilled through the bottom of her diesel tank. The damage was discovered on Friday.

She said: “We found our car to be damaged after parking it in Vernon Meadow car park, Shanklin. Someone had cut the fuel line with a Stanley knife and then drilled a hole in the bottom of the fuel tank.

“We only live five or six doors up from the car park but we found the car with a pool of diesel on the ground. It’s now been taken to a garage to be repaired, but the repairs will be in excess of £1,000. I reported it to the police but, unfortunately, because of the time span the car was in the car park, they have said it is too much CCTV footage to go through.

“I was also told the police would not be taking it any further as they had received no other enquiries.”

Georgia also said she had “parked the car up at about 7pm and got to it at 6.30am” on Friday morning.

The Nissan with its fuel spilling on to the ground in the carpark