No happy meal from police for Newport lads and ladettes

McDonald’s, in the centre of Newport, has become the focal point for police operations after a spate of incidents involving foul-mouthed teenagers, who have blighted the town centre recently. This evening, a mass of officers sent out a clear warning that abusive and anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated by the force. Heading up the operation was a Newport response Sergeant supported by a number of officers, who adopted a zero tolerance approach to law-breaking after the area had been subjected to a mini crime-wave.

After months of anti-social behaviour on Newport streets on the part of ill-disciplined youngsters, police have been praised by the public for their swift and decisive action in ridding the area of a group of youths who seemingly saw themselves as “untouchable”. A few of those who imagined themselves above the law have finally flirted with being forced to spend a night in the cells. Ten people have now been arrested and detained for failing to comply with the section 35 order to disperse that was issued by the Isle of Wight Inspector.

Police officers from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight force have been widely praised by Islanders following the operation to free the area around McDonald’s from petty crime. Our reporter at the scene noted the very positive reaction of onlookers to this hands-on approach to policing during the operation.