‘No change’ commitment secured by councillor for Newport No38

A campaigning Isle of Wight Councillor has secured a commitment from Southern Vectis that there will, after all, be no change to either the timetable or the route for the number 38 bus in Newport.

Councillor Chris Whitehouse (Conservative, Newport West Ward) had a meeting with senior Southern Vectis managers (Friday 18th January), to discuss concerns of local residents that the bus might be diverted to avoid traffic-clogged Hinton Road, but today says:

“I have been assured that there will be no change to either the timetable or the route of the number 38 bus in Newport. This is great news for local residents. What we’ve now got to do is to sort out the parking in Hinton Road so the bus can actually get through; and I’m working on that right now!

“Any change to the route would have created difficulties for local residents, particularly those with young children, heavy shopping or mobility challenges, who rely upon the bus to get to the Town Centre for the shops and doctor’s appointments. It’s good to know that Southern Vectis managers listen to local concerns and are willing to find alternative solutions to their very real problems with parked cars in Hinton Road.”

Chris, a regular bus user himself, also raised with the managers concerns about smoking in the Newport Bus Station, and he adds: “Smoking in Newport Bus Station is illegal. Those who do smoke are breaking the law and indulging in anti-social behaviour. I’m delighted to say that Southern Vectis will soon be including warnings in their regular tannoy messages to ensure that all users of the Bus Station are regularly reminded of the smoking ban.”

Pete Whiteman, the Newport Town Councillor for Newport West Ward accompanied Cllr Whitehouse to the meeting with Southern Vectis.