NHS launches new Long Covid service

By Chris Cornford Feb 1, 2021

Islanders dealing with the effects of Long Covid can access a new service launched by the NHS.

The new service was launched following emerging evidence that some people who contract Covid-19 are left with longer-term effects of the virus, sometimes months after initially falling ill. The symptoms are wide-ranging and can include pain, a persistent high temperature, breathlessness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and stress. However, many patients recover with support, rest, symptomatic treatment and with a gradual increase in physical activity.

The Long Covid service is available by GP referral only and appointments will be available both face-to-face and virtually. When referred, patients will undergo a number of physical and psychological assessments. Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) will then work alongside other health teams to develop a support plan which will help improve their health outcomes and quality of life. Patients will also have access to the ‘living with covid’ app, offering patients education, support and encouragement while they recover at home.

The service is part of a £10m initiative by NHS England which is funding 69 services across the country. Anyone who thinks they may be suffering from Long Covid can visit yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk/ to find out more. If symptoms persist, you should contact your GP.