Migrant stowaway found at Fishbourne

A migrant from mainland Europe was discovered hidden in a coach that had travelled from Austria to the Isle of Wight on Friday evening (December 28).

The driver of a Kardan Travel coach discovered a man hidden in the luggage compartment as passengers disembarked at Fishbourne. Passengers on board had to remain on the coach as police searched the vehicle.

The coach had made the journey to the Isle of Wight from Austria, through the channel tunnel.

A witness at Fishbourne, who was about to board the ferry bound for Portsmouth, watched the drama unfold. She said: “The driver could see there was someone in there and the police were called and came quite quickly, took the man away and searched the coach to make sure he was the only one.”

At least 221 migrants have crossed the Channel since the start of November, although far fewer are believed to have attempted to cross the Solent.