Lucy call to buy local

Isle of Wight artist and filmmaker Lucy Bell has released a video advert to encourage people to buy from local independent shops, artists and crafters this Christmas. She has also opened an exhibition dedicated to social history and reusing things at Monkton Arts in Ryde.

This is her first exhibition under her trade name of Seabell Artisan. She said: “Sometimes we are too quick to throw things away and sometimes we hold onto things for far too long. This exhibition brings together these two elements of thought”.

The advert features friends, family and members of the IW outdoor swimming group sharing smiles. Lucy had an epiphany when it occurred to her that it was ok to do things in her own way. As long as she got to the endpoint it did not matter how she got there. A dyslexic brain sometimes works differently and gets to a destination in a unique way!

Some of the other things she has used in her work are house paints from tester pots, leftover paints, inherited watercolours, pen, and pencil.
 She describes it as an explosion of memories, sentiment and freedom of expression.