Legal papers filed with High Court over property sale

Captain Stan’s Fish Shop occupies the High Street frontage of the building.

The long-running saga of problems at Bembridge Parish Council has dramatically escalated, with the Council receiving notice on Tuesday (4th December) of an application for a Judicial Review into their conduct with regard to the sale of the 5/7 High Street.

A majority of parish councillors agreed to sell the property for £180k, despite a higher offer of £195k made by a tenant of the building Peter Burke, who rents an office on the first floor.

Captain Stan’s Fish Shop occupies the High Street frontage of the building.

Parish Councils are obliged to obtain the best possible price when disposing of property unless they have the written permission of the Secretary of State.

Mr Burke told the Observer “I have applied to the High Court for permission to Judicially Review a decision of Bembridge Parish Council, having not been satisfied with the response to my letter before action. My lawyers are still awaiting documents from them that were requested as part of that letter but have not yet been provided.”

Despite press releases being posted on Bembridge Parish Council’s website today, there is no mention of the legal row which follows accusations of bullying, betraying the electorate and poor decision making over recent years. Bembridge Parish Council has 21 days to say if it will defend the action.

In September a public meeting held a vote of no confidence in Councillors Keith Fagan, Margaret Donlon, Marianne Sullivan, Ray Widger, Sheila Weedall and Grant Stillman with 140 voting in favour, 7 against with 7 abstentions and the parish clerk resigned.

 Bembridge Parish Council has been contacted for comment.