HOLMSEY: Politicians with questions to answer

What’s the point of having a mind unless you can change it? Like many Islanders, I’ve voted Conservative; I was even a party member for a time. But I don’t buy the Tory supporters who keep trying to brush aside Boris’s latest woes. They claim the opposition are ‘playing politics,’ but constantly repeating that doesn’t alter the facts, does it? “Did you or did you not break the rules when you drove to Barnard Castle, Mr Cummings?” “No, I was merely testing my eyesight.”

Cummings is a bitter man who hates Carrie Johnson because, it’s alleged, she cost him his job, but he knows how to read political runes. He predicts Boris will be forced out of Downing Street in early 2022. Looking at the current situation it would be a brave man that bets against him.

Here’s a few more. “Did you break the rules, sitting in your Westminster office taking part in those lucrative Caribbean legal proceedings, Sir Geoffrey Cox QC MP?” “I broke no rules,” boomed Sir Geoffrey. Or, “Mr Paterson, were you paid half a million pounds by companies you lobbied for in parliament?” “Yes, yes, I did. But it was all in the public interest,” protested Owen P. The standards committee unanimously disagreed with him, so hapless Boris ordered his MPs to overturn their pesky verdict.

“Mr Johnson, did you really not know who paid for your outrageously expensive Downing Street flat renovations?” “Er, no, um, I had no idea who paid for my wallpaper, despite tweeting the donor asking for more money.” And closer to home:

“Mr Seely, when you attended that garden party during lockdown, as you tucked-in to that delicious (half) sausage, while slurping a decent chilled Chablis, did you even think about Islanders who were, at that exact moment, doing the right thing? Did you consider those unable to visit sick and dying relatives in care homes and hospitals or attend funerals?” I think we all know the answer. At the time, none of my family, including my elderly mother, could visit my lovely, learning-disabled sister who lives in a care home. We all missed seeing her for months – because we followed the rules.

“The lame excuses would be laughable, except you lose your sense of humour when Number 10 insiders like Alexa Stratton think lockdown was all a big joke.”

Currently, at least three so called ‘parties’ at Number 10 are under investigation, and still, they dance on a pinhead, assuring us that “no rules were broken” at those “gatherings”, which were definitely not parties. The lame excuses would be laughable, except you lose your sense of humour when Number 10 insiders, like Allegra Stratton (pictured), think lockdown was all a big joke.

As I write, few of us can get Boris’s booster jab, despite doom-laden forecasts of an unprecedented spread of Covid. But our Bob has taken a quick break from his guitar and costly Russian lessons (paid for by us), to tweet a picture of an elderly lady with the caption: “Islanders, please be aware that support is available for anyone feeling lonely this Christmas.” Some wag responded: “Will you score them invites to the next Number 10 lockdown party, Bob?”

Last week I said I would no longer follow any rules imposed, because if the Tories leading the country don’t, why should I? In any event, the rules are completely absurd. I shouldn’t go to work in my office, but I can go to the pub for a Christmas party with my colleagues. Or the equally bonkers, “You must wear a mask while shopping unless you’re singing” rule?

Boris was once a popular leader. But like many politicians, he seems to have forgotten that people’s votes are loaned; they’re never yours by right. They needs frequent reminders!