Heroics with a ride-on mower

By Chris Cornford May 17, 2021

A line of cattle stampeded across Brown’s Golf Course on Monday (May 10) as they bid to make a great escape.

However, they were stopped in their tracks by the Sandown club’s new leaseholders, Geoff and Kate Scandrett, who prevented them reaching the main road between the town and Yaverland.
Geoff, an experienced cattle farmer, acted quickly using his ride-on mower to round them all up and herd them back to their owner.
Eye witness, Paul Coueslant of Sandown HUB, said: “I had just left a Sandown Carnival meeting at Brown’s and I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I turned and saw this line of cattle charging across the golf course straight towards me.
“They veered off around the clubhouse, and that’s when Kate and Geoff became the heroes.

“Kate sprinted towards the golf course exit to the main road and stood across it with arms outstretched. The herd clearly knew not to mess with her, stopping dead in their tracks before turning back.
“Meanwhile Ian Boyd, the ecologist who works in another Brown’s building nearby, had alerted the local farmer and Kate’s husband, Geoff, had jumped on his ride-on mower.
“Acting as a cowboy on wheels, Geoff helped guide the animals back towards their field. No lassoes involved! If Kate hadn’t managed to stop the herd reaching the main road, who knows where in Sandown they might have ended up?”