Girlguides learn about civic life

Every November, Isle of Wight Girlguiding units take part in Parliament Week.

The annual event helps young people to understand the workings of parliament and central and local government.

This year 11th Newport guides took part in a visit to the Isle of Wight Council Chamber.

They met the council chairman, Cllr Claire Critchison, who used to be a Girlguiding leader, mace-bearer, Steve Hammond, and the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Maurice Sheen.

The girls learnt about the history of the mace, which was made in 1690, the Lord-Lieutenancy and the IW Council chairman’s role at council meetings. They also found out about the heritage collections held at the Guildhall Museum.

Emma, leader of 11th Newport guides said, “UK Parliament Week is held every year and it’s a chance for our younger members to learn about Parliament and what local councils do.”