Gigabit Island makes great advances

WightFibre, the Island’s leading broadband provider, is making waves with its full-fibre broadband rollout. With 70,000 homes passed and more than 21,000 customers already surfing the digital waves, WightFibre is well on the way to transforming the Isle of Wight into a truly Gigabit Island.

With their ultra-fast broadband network now available to 80 per cent of all Island properties, WightFibre has captured a significant 30 per cent share of the market with households and businesses alike turning to their reliable local service.

Looking ahead, the company is on track to reach 90 per cent coverage by the end of next year and their commitment extends to every corner of the Island. They are working closely with landlords, local authorities and landowners to secure permissions and connect premises in hard-to-reach spots. By 2027, the aim is to achieve 98 per cent coverage, meaning nearly every household and business will be able to benefit from ulta high-speed broadband.

The company’s remarkable progress has been boosted by Building Digital UK’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, with more than £3.1 million in vouchers claimed to date. The significant subsidy is helping to provide the Island with unparalleled digital infrastructure.

Benefits include more than speed. The Plume Homepass App provides features such as app and device prioritisation, advanced parental controls, and internet freezes, with AI-driven security blocking unwanted sites to ensure peace of mind. Wightfibre’s energy efficient service cuts power consumption when you are not using your WiFi. The company does not tie in it customers with unavoidable in-contract price increases. All households are on fuss-free rolling contracts – meaning customers can change supplier at any time. Despite that flexibility, Wightlink customers are remarkably loyal – recognised by their Servicemark with Distinction accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service. Wightlink is the only broadband company with this accreditation.

The company’s CEO, John Irvine is excited for the future. He said:  “Our growing customer base and unwavering loyalty speak volumes. We’re not just a provider; we’re rapidly becoming woven into the very fabric of the Isle of Wight. WightFibre’s secret sauce? Localness. It’s what sets us apart, allowing us to deliver exceptional service at competitive prices.”

Andy Matthews, of Infracapital, added: “As WightFibre nears its completion on the Island, we are very pleased with the progress. This is a real success story and the connectivity will bring social inclusion, jobs and many wider benefits to its communities”.