Freshwater and Totland Archive annual meeting on Tuesday

Freshwater & Totland Archive Group is holding its annual meeting at the Wesley Hall, Brookside Road, on Tuesday at 7pm.

Afterwards, a film, created by the late Eric Toogood, will be shown. Eric had a photographic shop in the village and was an historian as well as a keen photographer.

Transferred from the original cine-film, it is about the ‘not so glamorous side’ of the, now world famous, 1970 Isle of Wight Pop Festival at Afton.

The arrival of the fans, the buses which transported them to the site, traffic jams, long queues at the shops, the tents, shacks, rubbish on the site, and lots more are included in this unique piece of social history.

Everyone is welcome to the meeting. The group is still looking for volunteers to help with it, printing of photographs, setting up displays and help in reception. Send an email to or phone 759353.